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The word CAPTCHA means for that phrase Completely Automated Public Turing test to share with Computers and Humans Apart.
When the browser window turns up click "Disable auto captcha solving" - they do not work with Yahoo.
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Now the webmaster could make the Captcha easier, but easy Captchas can be simply hacked with standard Linux tools like GD.

Simple Questions: Users are asked simple math or word questions like 'What is 5 + 2.
This means that the automated bots are always employing the same timestamp in the future along with the plugin can detect the submission no longer has sufficient date and delete the form.
Marketers who have an actual interest in being the very best could have the motivation to constantly monitor results and enhance their performance, which benefits your brand.
With so many sites while using the technology and much more sites adding it on their registration and login processes, manual CAPTCHA was born through the have to provide users with limitations a way to continue to access the services they required.
HACKERS - A hacker hacks into your Web server to set their code with your files.
You are shown several letters, a few of which will be in another color and you also must only type the blue ones for example.

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